WeDigBio 2019!

The Notes from Nature team is very excited about WeDigBio 2019. The event will take place October 17 – 20.


To our amazing volunteers:

We hope you’ll save the dates and join us online or in person at one of the many events happening at that time.

To our collaborators and data providers:

It’s always a fun and exciting time for us as we get to work with lots of new and existing colleagues! If you plan to host an expedition this year let us know as soon as possible.

Note that Notes from Nature has recently gone through an upgrade. Previous data providers that we have worked with will utilize their existing Projects on our site. Other providers expeditions will go into a WeDigBio themed Project that we’ll start building very soon. We will plan to have all expeditions within the WeDigBio project complete within a month of the end of the event. We have lots of activity on the site and we always aim to keep our content fresh and have expeditions complete in a timely fashion.

— The Notes from Nature Team


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