The end of an era

Notes from Nature made a big transition back in May. Even though NfN 3.0 has been up and running we still had some unfinished business in terms of expeditions that weren’t completed on the old system. A few days ago we completed our last expedition from the “old” platform. This also means that this particular project on Notes from Nature will be retired for good.

Not to worry though we have lots of fun and exciting expeditions on our current platform! NfN is now organized around Projects so look around and explore expeditions that are available within each one. Remember that these Projects can be filtered by tags such as Plants, Bugs, Butterflies and so on.

We have some mixed feelings about all these changes. We are thrilled to move forward and continue to make improvements to NfN 3.0 (our current platform), but we had so many great expeditions, events and memories over the time that NfN 2.0 was running. The amazing Notes from Nature community completed over 1 million transcriptions and was visited by over 8,000 volunteers. We are so happy that the community is continuing to help us build this resource.  Thanks as well to our network of providers and our hope is that 3.0 is ultimately an easier and better experience for all involved.

With all that said remember that we still have some more upgrades to complete on NfN 3.0. For example, this includes a unified Statistics page, improvements to Talk, etc.

— With gratitude the Notes from Nature Team


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